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Crew Code Geass Join?

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[VERB. n. (i) Tenten (ii) it's what who I do ;)]
Neji Hyuuga is my valentinevalentine2008 blogcrew
» Yoh Asakura is my valentine ♥♥♥ valentine2008 blogcrew «
MY VALENTINE IS «» Hao Asakura
☆...【Pirika Usui】 » Shaman★King
[Misao Kusakabe]
[ * Hana Yori Dango * Yuki Matsuoka ]
[ * Naruto * Yuuhi Kurenai ]
[ * Shaman King * Hanna Asakura ]
{ » Ouran Koukou Host Club § Renge Hoshakuji « }
【Kunogi Himawari】»CLAMPLOVE
{Neji Hyuuga} -- Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
Show me your *LOVE* ——› Neji Hyuuga
Neji Hyuuga』is my other half.
{FRUITS BASKET(FURUBA)»::Tohru Honda::«}
{ CCS BLOG CREW ~ Nadeshiko Kinomoto }
『CLAMP Soulmates』 Touya Kinomoto
{i'm in love with the SIDE character}Tenten
Code Geass: Lelouch of the RebellionKallen Standtfeld
[Neji Hyuuga] my love ⋆★
[Kyouya Ootori] my love ⋆★
I had my first kiss with『Yoh Asakura』
I have [Itachi Uchiha] bound & gagged in my [shower]
[Yoh Asakura] and I collide
[Tenten] and I collide
[Neji Hyuuga] is my Knight in Shining Armor
I got lost in [Neji Hyuuga]'s eyes, and I never want to find my way out.
C.C. Code Geass Blogcrew
(Neji Hyuuga) is my personal 24/7 bodyguard!
( Neji Hyuuga ) IS MY my fandom bicycle blog crew~
[ Neji Hyuuga ] is my hot, hot smex
[ Hao Asakura ] is my hot, hot smex
I always take my daily shower with [Neji Hyuuga]
✖✖ ~~ don't give me crap just because I like {{ Neji Hyuuga }} of Naruto ~ okay??
Tentenfrom ◈Naruto◈ and I are partners in crime
★☆ When asked to define PERFECTION I said { Neji Hyuuga } ☆★
★☆ When asked to define PERFECTION I said { Anna Kyouyama } ☆★
I shared spaghetti with [Neji Hyuuga]
[Neji Hyuuga] helped me with my [ninjutsu]
【Neji Hyuuga】 likes it when I call him/her "Mr. Destiny" ~
【Kyouya Ootori】 likes it when I call him/her "Mommy" ~
[Kallen Standtfeld] [Code Geass]
[Akira Kogami] [LuckyStar]
[Tsuruya-san] [SHNY]
I stayed up all night with [Neji Hyuuga] and we [talked about his destiny]
[- *Itachi Uchiha IS MY SEX SLAVE~]

[Itachi Uchiha] took my virginity
@NARUTO I have [Neji] tied up with [chakra strings] under my [bed]
I just can't get enough of
Neji Hyuuga
♍ Tenten is the next {China}'s Top Model
❝→Neji Hyuuga←❞ and I took our clothes off and went dancing in the rain.
»*I Slept with [Itachi Uchiha] so I /know/ he WILL call me BACK!«
I played twister with [Neji Hyuuga] and we ended up in a [compromising] position
♥[Neji Hyuuga] gave me a piggyback because [I blackmailed him >D]♥
Hao Asakura said please don't slow me down if I'm going too fast last night; in my bedroom
{ Neji Hyuuga } is under my control
I Painted Hao Asakura's Nails Coral Red

I took >Neji Hyuuga< home and I >forced him to do a striptease for me<

Saying I Love You doesn't mean a thing to me unless it comes from Neji's mouth -
|| Neji Hyuuga is my honey pie ||
+ [Hao Asakura] is my and Yoh's Evil Twin in Evil Twin Blogcrew+>
I know [Kyouya Ootori] has a crush on me~♥
♠→ Neji Hyuuga is my »almond« flavored k i s s ←♠
[Neji Hyuuga] is my bitch NOT yours
|| [Hao Asakura] is my sMexy BOSS ||
‎⌠‎‎‎ Yoh Asakura is my favourite
‎⌠‎‎‎ Neji Hyuuga is my favourite
Hao Asakurais my burning desire.
♠||→ I want |•Neji Hyuuga•| served to me n u d e and covered with cherry sauce on a g o l d e n platter ←||♠
(Neji Hyuuga) is taking ME to see FIREWORKS, and YOU can’t come with!
{Yamato 'Matt' Ishida [season 02]} of the Digital World {digimon blogcrew~}
╔°∙Neji Hyuuga* is better than ice cream! ∙°╗
[Neji Hyuuga] and I stayed up late watching [The Happening]
I wanna be »» ¤ ¦[ Neji Hyuuga ]¦ ¤ «« ’s ¤~kitty~¤
[Neji Hyuuga] likes to tell me he loves me
「THE CLAMP」 BLOGCREW 【Tomoyo-hime】
I drew a [second curse mark] ON {♠ Neji Hyuuga's ♠} FACE and when he woke up he [blamed the main branch... again]
-*I Fell in Love in love with you suddenly Now there's no place else I could be but Here in [Neji Hyuuga]'s arms

Code Geass << Nunnally Lamperouge >>
I will sing ♫ Why can't I (breathe)/Liz Phair ♫ to ♥ Neji Hyuuga ♥ { inside the water prison }
Neji Hyuuga d o m in a t e s my w o r l d ←♣
Neji Hyuuga is my s n u g l y teddy bear ♥彡
I want ☾Neji Hyuuga☽ to kiss me in the rain
♥~ [Kyouya Ootori] BEGGED me to STRIP for him
Kyouya Ootori danced the Caramelldansen with me
X-I finally got a [Neji Hyuuga] plush doll! Touch it and I will beat you with this [kunai D<]-X
Yoh Asakura & I went to look for clovers.
Hao Asakurawent off to conquer the world just for me ♔彡
If someone said Three years from now «Yoh Asakura» will be long gone. I'd stand up and punch them right out.
I am the rightful owner of {Neji Hyuuga}
『 Yoh Asakura 』 always puts a smile on my face!
『 Neji Hyuuga 』 always puts a smile on my face!
When my finger bled, [Sesshomaru] came to suck it up
» I caught ✖[Neji Hyuuga]✖ [drying his hair]! «
『Sayoko Shinozaki』『Code Geass Blogcrew!』

❝ Yoh Asakura ❞ is the reason I smile
♫♫ I'm so awesome, they cast me as Zero's cloak in CODE GEASS~ I bought [Neji Hyuuga]'s [hair] on eBay.
*Tybalt* → *Romeo x Juliet*
*Li Xingke* → *Code Geass*
Tenten Naruto
[Kallen Stadtfeld][Code Geass]
[Tsuruya-san][Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu]
CODE GEASS BLOGCREW 『 Rolo Lamperouge 』
▷▶I have a compulsive Neji Hyuuga-obsessing disorder◀◁
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